How Irish Tourism is affected by Covid (Also gaming chair giveaway)

With Ireland looking like it is at the start of its second wave just as the weather has turned for the first time to wintery conditions, the next few months look grim for Irish people and also Irish hotels and the tourism sector as a whole. Although Failte Ireland were encouraging people to do staycations this year it may not be enough to get the hotels through a tough winter as many people will choose to not holiday in Ireland in winter for obvious reasons (the weather).

With the borders closed to many countries things are looking very bleak indeed. Dublin has also gone back into a form of lock down and people living there have been told not to leave the county. This also of course has knock on affects as many of those people would have had weekends away planned and paid for.

There is light at the end of the tunnel however with the EU suggesting an EU wide travel map that will allow people to freely move once again through the EU. Countries that are particularly bad with Covid will still have restrictions on them however but it is certainly a move in the right direction.

We do not have the figures on EU citizens holidaying in Ireland in winter but at a guess it would not be a significant amount of people. In saying that any help is welcome! Without being too depressing in this post we just really hope for the best for the hotels this winter.

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Dublin Sightseeing

You will soon be able to tour Dublin on an electric scooter!

Just like electric scooters have become hugely popular in tech hubs around the world such as San Fran, San Diego and even Houston Texas they are going to make a big boom in Europe’s fastest growing tech city…Dublin! Dublin, Ireland has seen a huge influx of tech companies in the last ten years including companies like Facebook, Ebay and even Google have their European headquarters in Dublin.

The area known as Grand Canal Dock has been the favoured point for these companies. It is close to the city, an up and coming area and it is not too far from the airport where people can use the underground tunnel to cut their journey in half.

electric scooters dublin

Because of the sheer amount of working professionals particularly in the tech industry it is also become the starting point for electric scooter companies. There are now companies that sell the electric scooter such as and then there are also electric scooter rental companies also who are planning to set up in Ireland like they have in other cities in Europe.

This area lends itself greatly to electric scooters as it has huge traffic problems due to the sheer amount of tech companies in such a small space. There is also only a single lane going into the city in this area so it is by no means built for the tech boom that it became the home of in the last ten years.

You will soon by able to rent these electric scooters and tour around Dublin much more easily than having to get the hop on and hop off bus. These scooters will also have built in audio devices so you can still get the history of the city through the scooter but just doing it in a much more fun way. Here is toping they are brought in just in time for the summer!







Where to buy a second hand iPhone for sale in Ireland

These days no one can live without their phone and no matter what your financial situation when you lose your phone you will immediately want to get a replacement. Aside from the fact that many people are addicted to their phones in today’s world, people need their phones to work as well as for music and accessing their emails. In short people in today’s world need their phones but when you need a new phone you may not always have the money to go and get the one you want. You can go and join a big mobile network and get a discount on your phone but then you are stuck in a lengthy contract that is usually at least 2 years long with some of them being 3 years long.

The best way to buy a phone is to buy it outright without the need for a contract so you are not stuck paying bills on the long term. You can buy sim free phones brand new but they are as expensive as it gets so another option is buy second hand. This comes with its own worries as you could be buying a faulty phone or one that is stolen and could eventually be stopped by the original owner via the find my iPhone app.

The best solution to get a phone for cheap without having to worry about the stresses of contracts and the phone being blacklisted is to get a refurbished phone. Refurbished iPhone’s have become really popular in the last few years as they are much cheaper than a brand new phone and are as good as new.

If you’re looking for refurbished phones for sale in Ireland that can get phones for as low as €150 outright with no bills then check this out. You will also usually get a warranty with the phone so if there is any issue you can just send it back and have it repaired. So if you lose your phone or have it stolen and don’t have the money for a new one…or even if you do have the money this is by far the best option to get a new phone and save plenty of money.