Why you should use an action camera on your next holiday!

It is hard to believe that it is May 2018 already. New years seems like it was just a wet week ago and now here we are almost half way through another year. With that said it is nice to be coming into summer and many people are looking forward to their summer holidays especially after the particularly brutal winter we have just had that is only really easing up now which is crazy. Here in Ireland we have had winter pretty much since the end of September meaning we have had almost 8 months of winter which is quite tough.

Most people will opt for a sun holiday this year I would imagine and who could blame them. Travel agents are also reporting an increase in people going to slightly more affordable countries like Greece and Croatia as they are guaranteed great weather and the prices will be cheaper than places in Western Europe. Another trend we are seeing this year is many people opting to bring an action camera on their holidays. These are small hand held video cameras designed to be mobile and are perfect for holiday goers to record their holiday.

There is also a sale on these with https://www.yicameras.co.uk/ who are selling them much cheaper than a lot of other companies online so that is worth checking out for those of you who are interested. It is also recommended to get a selfie stick for the camera so you can record yourself doing various activities and you can even get a waterproof case so you can record yourself under water too. The action camera can also be used as a normal camera if you  do not want to use video mode on it so there is plenty that can be done with this camera.


What is the difference between an Android Box and a Satellite Box?

The android box is a free satellite TV receiver that allows you to receive free satellite TV channels from the UK. It has been one of the most successful boxes on the market for quite sometime as it is not only one of the best boxes but also one of the most affordable boxes on the market today. The android box varies in price but it will usually go from between €65  – €85 from most official suppliers. The unit comes pre loaded with channels so all you have to do is plug it in and you are ready to start watching TV for free without having to pay any monthly subscriptions which can cost quite a lot per month.

openbox v8sThe android TV box has become hugely popular here in Ireland as many people are trying to cut their costs and one of the first things to go would be subscription TV as it is quite a hefty bill. People are now buying the Openbox receiver as it works with your existing satellite dish so all you have to do is plug the LNB cable into the back of the box and you are up and running instantly. There has been some controversy recently as some sellers are selling the box with illegal sharing cards meaning that they are receiving the pay to view channels for free with this box. It should be noted that this is not what the android box T95Z  is designed for and this is against the law.

Most official sellers will sell the box for a good price for its proper use and a good example of this would be android TV box here: https://www.androidtvboxes.ie/ who are official sellers in Ireland.

Irish in Australia Should Get An Android TV Box

We have been doing some fundraising recently and are planning on releasing a gallery app which will have photos taken from around the world on our gallery uploaded to the app. This will be available in android only for the moment as the development for an IOS app was proving much more expensive and as we are a non commercial site we thought we would wait a while until we hopefully get some donations (hint hint). To make a donation you can send money to our paypal using the email paypal@sustourism.ie. Anything at all will be appreciated.

australia tv boxWe are also going to raffle an android box that we were given as a gift but it is a bit too tech for us but it was kind of www.androidtvaustralia.com to give us the box. To be in with a chance send us a donation and at the end of March we will make a post and give whoever we pick out an android box.

For those of you who are Irish (which is many) out in Australia you can use an android TV box to stream RTE Player and watch live Irish TV for free. All you need is a WIFI connection and of course a working TV and you can be watching Irish TV from the great Sydney heat. I would also recommend anyone in the Bondi local loop Facebook group to share this post as I know there are thousands of Irish there and other nationalities and it would be great to get our blog some more views so we can post more content.