Dublin Sightseeing

Ireland retail is back on the rise from work boots to Christmas products!

With the country having reopened just under 6 months ago from the dreaded lockdowns, Ireland is now starting to see a nice boost in the economy. Thankfully reports are saying that this boost is considerably more than what was expected to happen. Tourism is July/August was up a huge amount as people were so eager to go somewhere different that they paid over the odds to head down to the West of Ireland.

Retail generally is also on the rise after a few big name brands shut down last year due to being stuck in lengthy leases on expensive high streets. Smaller companies seem to have taken a big hit also but having talked to online retailers they are going quite well. The work boots Ireland company who sell work and safety boots have reported an uplift in sales since May even though traditional brick and mortar stores have reopened.

E-commerce is seeing a slight decline due to the brick and mortar stores reopening. This is to be expected however after having to expand during lock down, some of these companies may need to let go of staff if things continue to stagnate. E-commerce saw a huge rise last year for obvious reasons but it does seem that people are going back to their old ways of shopping sooner than expected.

The goods news is however that tourism is increasing and Dublin airport numbers are going back up even though they are still a long way off of levels from 2019. Again this is to be expected so it is no huge surprise but encouraging signs are there. The USA & Canada have now reopened their borders so hopefully that will encourage visitors from those countries to begin traveling again but we will only really know this come 2022 unless a dreaded 4th lock down happens. Let us hope that this will not be the case!