Why Hoverboards Are Changing Tourism

Hoverboards have become main stream quite quickly and it is not doubt that they are a glimpse into the future of transportation. For years people have been talking about an alternative transport to cars as eventually our oil supplies will run out. Estimates think that supplies could be almost gone in the next 100 years. Think about everything that uses oil to operate. Not just the obvious cars, trucks, planes but also the making of plastics and power plants..everything! Of course conspiracy theorists will say that the oil companies won’t let any other technologies get in the way of them making money and this might be true but already we are seeing signs of the future.

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The electric hoverboard might just be a fun toy but it shows you that there are ways to short distance travel with the technology available today. There are companies already setting up electric scooters in cities around the world that you can rent much like the bike schemes that are in most cities. This scheme has been successfully implemented in Dublin also. It first started in Asia where the cities have a much denser population. Cities in Europe are now adopting these tactics and the electric hoverboards can be a great way to tour a city.

In Ireland there is much talk in the media of hoverboards and how they can help people commute to work as well as companies talking about setting up city tours using the boards. One of the leaders of this trend is the IT Directory who are one of the first suppliers of the hoverboards in Ireland. Using the hoverboard can be a great way to visit a city. It is fun and they are cheap to buy so they can be pretty affordable to rent.